What in Jesus’ name did Bruegel think he was doing, wasting his time with “Prudence”?


This is what he was good at:

Fall of the Rebel Angels

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  1. Prudence is indicated by the existence of Hell (i.e., what happened to those angels who rebelled).

  2. That’s one of only about three of the Bruegel things I’ve seen that can be described as boring. Many of the other virtues can be made interesting, but not prudence. It reminds me of a speech Fidel Castro once made trying to convince fieldworkers that getting in the artichoke crop was a heroic contribution to the Revolution.

    I guess he had to fill out the set.

  3. Yes, it’s true that prudence is not a good subject for pictorial depiction. You can try to get around that problem by attaching a Biblical story to it (King Solomon and the baby being one example). Bruegel’s print does have an interesting point that his ideal city seems to be a highly commercial one – is Bruegel’s prudence primarily cunning (i.e. Machiavellian virtu) or Aristotle’s prudence (a helpful way to attain the higher Aristotlean virtues)?

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