Wikipedia Argumentation 101

Well obviously you’re saying that some unidentified people are upset that I don’t do something they want me to do and, moreover, that they wouldn’t be nearly as upset as they are if I did whatever it is that you say they want me to do. Well I have to reply that I, in turn, could possibly be persuaded to be slightly, but not very much, upset that they (whoever they are) might think that; and it’s conceivable that I might be convinced to feel a little bit happier if they didn’t do whatever it is that they do, provided that you could convince me that they’re doing it, and that they, whoever they are, are harming Wikipedia by whatever it is that whoever they are are supposedly doing. But it’s okay for them to do what they do. Which they don’t say, whoever they are. By the way, who are they? And why should I care?

— Tony Sidaway

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