Those people were crazy, I tell you

As a young man, away from home for the first time, Flaubert was “imperiously possessed” of the idea of castrating himself.

Geoffrey Wall, “Introduction” to
Gustave Flaubert, Three Tales

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  1. From ‘Ornette Coleman, The Harmolodic Life’ by John Litweiler:

    Finally there came a time when Ornette decided he wanted to eliminate his sexual feeling altogether. He explained this to a doctor, who must have been astonished when Ornette asked to be castrated; the doctor recommended instead that Ornette undergo circumcision — “a symbolic castration” — instead, and Ornette agreed. After the operation Ornette “still did not feel any changes”; he insisted, “I’d rather be a man than a male.”

    • It’s OK when Ornette does it. Anything he does, really.


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