Sex with Bears

The Canadians are nor more sexy or less sexy than normal people. They're just differently sexy.

“It’s over, now,” she told him. “It’s over. You have to go to your place and I to mine.” She sat up and put her sweater on.

He sat up across from her, rubbing his nose with a paw and looking confused. Then he looked down at himself. She looked as well. Slowly, Majestically his great cock was rising.

It was not like a man’s, tulip-shaped. It was red, pointed, and impressive.

These things always turn out badly, I’ve been told, but people have to learn  for themselves. In Minnesota we have bears but don’t have sex with them, though I suppose that since we play hockey and have taken up curling, bears will be next.

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  1. Excellent, Engle won the 1976 Governor General’s Award for “Bear”.

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