Wodehouse Quiz

Wooster and Jeeves represent which two social types?

a. Jeeves represents the working class; Wooster represents the idle rentier class. 

b. Wooster represents the parasitical aristocracy; Jeeves represents their also-parasitical lackeys. 

c. Wooster represents the powerless and silly Mikado or Caliph whose power is purely symbolic; Jeeves represents the businesslike Shogun or Sultan who holds all real power. 

d. The ignorant Wooster represents the dominant property-owning moiety of the dominant class; the well-read Jeeves represents the dominated moiety; Wodehouse’s portrait of the relationship is the wishful projection of the dominated intelligentsia.

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  1. e. Wooster wields “legitimate power” as a result of belonging to a privileged class; since Jeeves cannot wield power legitimately he does so illegitimately through manipulation.

    Compare and contrast the “Father Knows Best” stereotypical 50’s behavior or the southern belle’s “iron fist in the velvet glove”.

  2. That’s pretty much the caliph / sultan answer. Hi, Nijma!

  3. Hey, JE.

    I see you’re on about Swedes lately. Found this looking up whether Swedes have an internet reputation for hard-headedness the way I have heard Norwegians credited for bathing on Saturdays. The Swede here is said to be hard-headed.

    “Yes, indeedy,” added Kink. “We ain’t in no charity business a- disgorgin’ free an’ generous to Swedes an’ white men.”


    They’re just jealous because we’re so devastatingly gorgeous.

  4. Wooster represents God, while Jeeves represents Man. Why does God require Man to act on his behalf? This is a mystery that will not be explained until Judgement Day.

  5. Jeeves represents the philosophers, and Wooster represents their students.

  6. ‘Wooster’ is the rooster, the cock of the walk. ‘Jeeves’ is the Jews. I mean, look at his name!

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