Mr Emerson is a Diogenean cynic, left populist (Omaha platform), and eclectic generalist. He mostly reads books by or about dead people much different than himself or you.

His political polemics and satires can be seen at Trollblog and sometimes at Open Left. His archive, which includes longer pieces, is at Idiocentrism. His self-published books can be bought at Lulu. His Facebook page can be reached here.

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Published on January 7, 2010 at 5:26 pm  Comments (3)  

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  1. JE-
    YO. Do you have any other Vinicius de Morais in trans.?


    • To my knowledge there’s no good collection of his work in English translation. It might be easier to find a CD of things he wrote lyrics for. He’s a very diverse and rather uneven writer, one of the few along with Leonard Cohen who ever successfully went from literary poetry to pop, and it may be that the poetry translation community found him vulgar or something.

      • Correct. The poetry translation community, which consists almost exclusively of academics, only rarely bothers to give modern “popular” lyric artists the time of day – and when it does, it is for special reasons e.g. the high political profile of the Middle East has meant that occasionally Arabic and Hebrew and Persian protest poetry gets translated, and there are occasional lucky strikes when an Arabist like Clive Holes is able and motivated to translate contemporary bedouin verse. Another notable exception to the rule is Vysotsky.

        But yes. For a book of translation to appear a few things have to happen. (a) The translator must want to for some reason or other (b) The translator must have reason to believe a publisher will be interested (c) The translator doesn’t want to produce something that sounds too much like low-prestige genres in English (nobody translates rap, for example.)

        Being seen (or at least portrayable) as “Literature” in the more ridiculous and elite sense of the term makes a work far more likely to pass the above three hurdles.

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