Adorno’s Genuine Liberal…. laydeez

You probably have always wanted to know what a “Genuine Liberal” is, according to Theodor Adorno. He contrasts the Genuine Liberal to such less-desirable liberals as  Rigid non-racists (Communists), Protesting non-racists (neurotic and frigid women), Impulsive non-racists (Lesbians), and Easygoing non-racists (mellow airhead dudes).
The illustration we give is a girl whose character of a “genuine liberal” stands out more clearly, since, according to the interviewer, “she is politically naive like the majority of our college women”….
F515 is a 21 year old college student. She is a handsome brunette with dark, flashing eyes who exudes temperament and vitality. She has none of the pretty-pretty femininity so frequently seen in [racist] subjects, and would probably scorn the feminine wiles and schemes practiced by such women….. one senses in her a very passionate nature and so strong a desire to give intensely of herself in all her relationships that she must experience difficulty in restraining herself within the bounds of conventionality“.
(From The Authoritarian Personality, abridged ed., Norton, 1982, pp. 383-4. To be clear, the description of the lovely F515 is not in Adorno’s own words, but this is the case history he chose to cite.)
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