Éditions Le Real / Surquedry Books

 Twenty free books, mostly in
Chinese, mostly on Buddhism

Sex Life of the Nineteenth Century: And Autobiographical Approach to the History of Western Civilization


(Includes “Why Did Henry James Kill Daisy Miller?” and
“Could Friedrich Nietzsche have Married Jane Austen?”)

“The Sex Life of the Nineteenth Century: An Autobiographical Approach to the History of Western Civilization” is looking for its audience. In this apparently random assemblage of egregious code-switching, extravagant whimsy, pedantic smut, and tidbits of obscure trivia, an argument of uncertain affiliation and insidious intent reveals the dark side of truth, love, and seriousness. A perfect book for the right person.

About 80 posts, mostly from  Haquelebac and Idiocentrism. No political, philosophical, or economic rant, and nothing on Chinese philosophy or inner Eurasian history.

Shen Dao: Text, Translation, and Study

(PDF: Text and Translation
PDF: Study

Shen Dao (fl. ca. 325 BC)  is classified sometimes as a Daoist, sometimes as a Legalist, and sometimes as a follower of Huanglao, but these late retrospective classifications are not very helpful. There were no organized Daoist, Legalist, or Huanglao schools comparable to the Mohist and Confucian schools, and in effect, these classifications merely serve to lump tendencies. Insofar as these three labels mean anything, they are probably all applicable to Shen Dao.1

Éditions le Real / Surquedry Books


Puys luy offrent Lamproyes à saulse d’Hippocras,
Turbotz, Poullardes, Perches, Soles, et Realz….
(Rab. IV. lx.)

«Le real»: nom bordelais de l’esturgeon
(Mar. Rab. IV. lx.)

«Le real»: espèce d’esturgeon, selon P. Lacroix
(Godef. Dic.)

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